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Praise for Benjamin Rosenbaum’s work

“Rosenbaum’s imagery will surely embed itself in the invisible architecture of your own memory banks for days after you’ve read it.”
—New York Times Book Review

“A terrific range of tales, showcasing an active, playful mind and a gleeful genre-blender.”
—Aimee Bender (Willful Creatures)

“Benjamin Rosenbaum is one of the best new science fiction writers working in the field today.”
—Cory Doctorow, Boing Boing

“Remember when opening a book was like opening a door to the beyond which resides within? Have you been looking for that door for a long time? Benjamin Rosenbaum has the key.”
—Mary Rickert (Map of Dreams)

“Rosenbaum’s fertile sense of invention and his sly humor (“Ponge, as its inhabitants will tell you, is a thoroughly unattractive city. ‘Well,’ they always say at the mention of any horrible news, ‘we do live in Ponge.’”) make these parables a real treat.”

“An emerging prodigy of short fiction.”

“Beyond being a fantastic fabulist and futurist, Ben has a unique gift for exposing less-explored aspects of human nature and modern culture in his stories in ways that are touching and funny and cause you to think. His stories are exciting and fun, and they keep you engaged long after you put the book down.”
—Jason Olim

“Ben Rosenbaum is one of the freshest and finest voices to appear in science fiction in many years. The stories collected in The Ant King demonstrate his astonishing versatility, his marvelous imagination, and his ready wit. Start reading him now, because there’ll clearly be much more to come, and it will be good, extremely good.”
—Jack Womack (Let’s Put the Future Behind Us)