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Deep within Syndicate World space, the Alliance fleet continues its dangerous journey home under the command of Captain John "Blacj Jack" Geary - revived after a century spent in suspended animation. Geary's victories over the enemy have earned him both the respect - and the envy - of his fellow officers...

Black Jack geary has made many risky descisions as commander, but ordering the Alliance fleet back to the Lakota Star System, where it had nearly been destroyed by the Syndics, has his officers questioning his sanity. It's a desperate gamble that may buy Geary just enough time to prepare for the Syndic's inevitable return, and give the fleet a fighting chance of survival.

But even as he struggles to stay one step ahead of the enemy, Geary must face conspirators within his own fleet - an unknown number of officers who want a change of command. And Geary knows that his fleet must stand together or the Syndic forces will tear them apart...

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