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Par alpha09 le 15 nov. 2010

Bond. Shaman Bond.

Actually, the name's Drood, Eddie Drood. For centuries, the Droods have been fighting the monsters in the shadows so that the rest of you lot can go about your everyday lives. These days, I'm the head of the family.

Because I'm the head of the family, it's fallen to me to deal with a bit of a mess left over from World War II. Seems that back then the Droods made a pact with a buch of demons known as the Loathly Ones to fight some really natsy buggers called up by the Nazis. Once the war was over, we couldn't get rid of them. Now they're calling their masters to invade and destroy our world... and we Droods are the last, best hope of stopping them.

I'd say that the world is in a major lot of trouble.

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