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Beckett's dynamite follow-up to The Chemistry of Death (2006) takes David Hunter back to his roots as a forensic anthropologist. This go-round is both better written and a good deal more intriguing, with twists and turns up to the very last dramatic page. Called in to examine a badly burned body found in a deserted hut on a small island in the Hebrides, David hopes he won't be delayed long. His relationship with Jenny, whom he met in the first book, is deteriorating, and he's feeling burned out. Unfortunately, what he discovers is murder, and when a killer storm prevents promised help from arriving, he's left to find out what he can with only a bad-tempered, alcoholic local copper and a retired officer who lives on the island to help. Dark secrets and long-held resentments erupt in the small community, putting David's life at risk and impeding his efforts at every turn. Forensic details never overwhelm the story, and Beckett is on solid ground when it come to plotting and ratcheting up the tension. His ending is a stunner. Zvirin, Stephanie

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Paru en français sous le titre "Poussière d'os" et répertorié par Polux qui a ajouté son résumé. Une intrigue solide, un personnage principal attachant - le docteur David Hunter, anthropologue médico-légal - du suspense et de multiples rebondissements jusqu'à la dernière page, de quoi voir filer quelques heures sans lever le nez!



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