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Brian Patrick Herbert (born 1947) is a best selling American author who lives in Washington state. He is the elder son of famed science fiction author Frank Herbert.

Brian and his wife, Jan Herbert, have been happily married for forty years (as of 2007). They have one daughter, Kim. Brian also has an elder half-sister, Penny; their younger brother, gay activist Bruce Calvin Herbert, died of AIDS in 1993.

Brian Herbert's novels include Sidney's Comet, Prisoners of Arionn, Man of Two Worlds (written with his father), and Sudanna Sudanna. Brian has written a biography of his father: Dreamer of Dune: The Biography of Frank Herbert. The younger Herbert has edited The Songs of Muad'dib and the Notebooks of Frank Herbert's Dune. Brian has also created a concordance for the Dune universe based on his father's notes...which, according to the younger Herbert, there are no immediate plans to publish the concordance.

Brian is most famous for his collaborations with Kevin J. Anderson, with whom he has most recently written two trilogies of prequels (Prelude to Dune and Legends of Dune) to his father's landmark science fiction novel, Dune. These have all become New York Times best sellers.

The culmination of this collaboration were two Dune 7 sequels to Frank Herbert's chronicles: Hunters of Dune (2006) and Sandworms of Dune (2007). These sequels were, according to Brian, based on notes left behind by his father, who composed an outline before his death.


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